A penny for your thoughts…

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  1. It was a deep honor to help Kevin bring this amazing story into the world in the form of a beautiful book. It is a powerful and beautiful tale filled with messages of hope and love and deep wisdom. Here’s to great success, Kevin!
    Kate McCallum, Bridge Arts Media, LLC

  2. Hans Hagen says:

    An enjoyable read, riding the fringe of knowledgeable truths, spiritual insights, surfing idealism and fun fantasy. It’s interesting reading a fictional book from a author like Naughton. Knowing his vagabond past of surfing the globe in it’s postcard glory days. Good stuff !!

    Hans Hagen

  3. nick magasic says:

    An epic tale. The passion of Eugene O’neil and the soul of Sam Beckett. A long time coming, this novel is the result of many travels and many hours starring at the horizon and wondering at the magic and mystery of our watery globe and the ether we live in. Big issues and big ideas, life and death no less. A tribute to the surfers life and a tender love poem to Ireland, (I gotta go there). Good on ya, mate. Well done. I enjoyed the journey.

  4. Gillian Craig Isvan says:

    I ve just finished reading Trout Rising and I loved it. It took me on such a wonderful journey. I really enjoyed my time sitting quietly and reading it, being carried away and along the path of the story. Thank you Dan Pelsinger for telling Kevin to write it, and thank you Kevin for writing it.
    Gillian Craig Isvan

    • Trout Rising says:

      Thanks, Gillian. As you know, Dan can be a determined fellow, and he was determined that I should start writing. That’s what friends are for–and thanks for the friendly message.

  5. Gary Gibson says:

    I ate up Trout Rising, and my 13 year old son has read it three times. Epic in it’s adventure, and inspiration rises from every page. I am now on my 10th copy, as I continue to give them as gifts. I wants all my friends to take the adventure with trout. Epic!

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